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Friday, January 30, 2004

Scarity Parity 

Sean McAdam has a very good piece over at ESPN about parity in MLB. He points out the fact that there is far more parity in baseball then the Chicken Littles in the Commisioners office and the small market special pleaders would have you believe.

It seems to me that this conversation about the inability for small market teams to compete and win sprang to life out of the Yankees gaudy mini dynasty of the late 90's. The Yankees had themselves a nice run from 96-2000 and everyone who wasn't the Yankees (or their fans) went into a myopic panic. Mc Adam's piece paints the picture with a much more realistic brush.
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Mission Statement of Sorts 

A man walks into his doctors office and sits down. The doctor looks at him gravely and says, "Sir, I have some bad news for you, you have a blog."

Anyway, before I write anything substantial (assuming I ever will,) I wanted to send a shout-out, as the kids say, to a couple of people who have inspired me to write this blog, and who have added unmeasurably to my enjoyment of baseball.

The Mr. Spock of Baseball
I became familiar with David Pinto when he was doing the BBTN Online chats on about 3 years ago. I always found the chats very informative and fun and Pinto started to give me a much more substantial and meaningful understanding of baseball. What stats were valuable, which ones were just fluff. In addition to his great writing and fantastic blog, David continues to be a great teacher when it comes to the game and how to evaluate it statistically. It's amazing too, because for as sabermetrically inclined as he is, you never feel like he's overloading you with stats. Ok, that Probabilistic Model of Range stuff was a bit heady, but other than that I never get the sense that he's trying to impress anyone with his ability to do regression analysis.

Finally, David is a genuinely nice guy. I've traded several e-mail with him over the last few years and he's always insightful and down to earth. Well Played!

The....Ummmm....Barbara Walters? of Baseball
It amazes me that Alex Belth even gets access to the interviews he does. I mean it's not like he's interviewing Vinny from 139th Street. Try, Michael Lewis, Tom Verducci, Pat Jordan, and Ethan Coen just to name a few. Not bad for a guy with a blog. Alex not only gets access but he is a fantastic interviewer. His storytelling skills come across in his interviews as easily as they do in his postings. The guy is a breath of fresh air, in the sense that he's not about UZR and DER and adjusted OPS as much as he is about telling the story of his love affair with baseball. And this is no pedestrian storytelling either, Alex sprinkles his Yankee rich content with many diverse cultural influences: a hip-hop'ism here and there, commentary on music and recountings of his work in the film industry. If you're not familiar with Alex because of a pathological fear of all things pinstriped, give this a read.

So that leads me to, me. What I hope to do is write a blog that is first and foremost entertaining. I'm not going to be as analytical as a lot of the baseball blogs out there but there will be some analysis and from time to time tables and stuff. I may not be as eloquent as some of the blogs out there but I guarantee you will find a lot of bad jokes, obscure references and Yankee worship at this here website.

Give it a read, if you like it come back. If you REALLY like it, come back often!
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Well, I'm sure it's midnight somewhere so lets get started. I'm not sure what this blog will turn out to be. Ostensibly it is about baseball, music and pop culture three topics near and dear to my heart but I don't want to restrict it to just one thing. There are plenty of fine baseball blogs out there, plenty of music blogs, plenty of pop culture get the idea. So in essence I hope this blog is just simply MY blog. I reserve the right to post about anything that is on my mind. I will endeavor to make my posts interesting, informative, entertaining and maybe even funny. And who knows someday maybe I'll even have a few readers stop by. I hope you all enjoy.

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